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About the name "Gymer"

The surname Gymer, and its variants Guymer and Wymer, is ultimately of French origin, having been introduced into England by the Normans during the Conquest after 1066.

The name is of patronymic origin, that is, it belongs to the category of surnames derived from the first name of the father of the initial bearer. In this instance, the name indicates "son of Gymer", a variant of the Old French personal name "Guymer", which in England became both Guymer and Wymer. This personal name is, however, a form of the Germanic "Wigmar", derived from the Old High German "wig", meaning "battle, fight" and "mari, meri", meaning "famous, illustrious".

This personal name is first recorded in England in 1101 when one Gyomarus is recorded as living in Norfolk. Early records were in Latin. The name appears as a surname in the thirteenth century when the "Pipe Rolls" of Yorkshire contain a reference to one Robertus Filius (son of) Guimer in 1204. Guiomarus Filius Warrenii is mentioned in the "Pipe Rolls" of Yorkshire in 1210 and Robert Guymer is listed as residing in Suffolk in 1277.

However, the name is on record as Wymer since 1066 when one Wimerus is recorded in the Domesday Book of Suffolk and Wymerus de Westwyc is listed as living in Norfolk in 1153.

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